What are medical wigs and how to choose them?

What are medical wigs and how to choose them?

Unfortunately, we live in an age where cancer and other serious diseases attack many people and there is hardly one of us who does not know someone close to him who is dealing with this disease.

In situations where patients need to undergo chemotherapy treatments that are an integral part of their recovery process, one of the most difficult symptoms to deal with is hair loss and the process of baldness. The process is continuous and usually does not stop when the treatments are finished, rather it takes the body quite a bit of time to recover and as a result the hair also takes a few months to get back to itself. Hair loss damages image and self-confidence, especially in women but not only.

What are medical wigs?

A medical wig is a wig whose purpose is to replace the original hair that has fallen out and to be a form of compensation for the patient who experiences hair loss as an integral part of the treatments. The market offers a variety of medical wigs where the price of the wig is affected by its production process, the raw materials used and the quality level of the wig.

How to fit a medical wig and what are its advantages?

If possible, it is recommended to come to us even before starting the treatments, so that a medical wig can be produced according to the type of hair – straight or curly, hair color and according to the structure of the head.

In fact, the medical wig is made of breathable materials that prevent sweating and the accumulation of dirt, which can cause irritation, which is one of its most prominent advantages. It is recommended to choose a high-quality wig made from real natural hair and carry out the adjustment process personally and specifically so that it looks as if it were the real hair.

When the custom medical wig is made, people can’t believe it’s a wig and they’re sure it’s your real hair. The reason for this is because the wig is made according to the structure of the scalp and head, which creates a situation of perfect adjustment. The medical wig does not move on the head, the hair treatment is carried out with a normal overlap when in the adjustment process you are explained exactly what you have to do and how.

At the same time, it is important to know that some medical coverages provide reimbursement for a medical wig, so before you decide to “go for it”, it is worth finding out exactly what you deserve.

In conclusion, a medical wig is an ideal aesthetic solution for many patients, it helps to restore the energy and vitality to the body, makes us feel good about ourselves during the treatments and overcome the aesthetic interest which is sometimes a central and significant aspect of our lives.

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