Tips for buying a successful wig

Tips for buying a successful wig

Prefer extras that will look wonderful in any weather

It is worth investing a few more shekels and choosing hair extensions that will look wonderful in any weather. It is important to pay attention to the length of the inserts and the type of connections and prefer those that will look wonderful even if light winds blow or God forbid it starts to drip. In the case of a winter wedding, you can never be too careful or take unnecessary risks with the look of your hairstyle.

Do not exaggerate the length of the extensions

Although some hairstyles require longer extensions, it is important not to go overboard with the length of the extensions. You should try and keep the natural look and choose extensions that will thicken the volume of the hair and lengthen it just a little. Choosing extensions that are too long may damage the final look and create a strained feeling instead of a classic look.

Choose the right shades

It is recommended to choose extensions that will blend perfectly with the natural color of your hair. In quite a few cases it is possible to go up a tone or two, however, to be careful of choosing hair extensions that will not combine with your natural look. For this reason it is important that owners of dark hair avoid blonde extensions in general and platinum blonde extensions in particular.

Be sure to use natural hair extensions

Be careful with hair extensions that match the texture of your hair and avoid synthetic hair extensions.

Measure the extras before the wedding

The last tip is perhaps the most trivial but also the most important. Because during the wedding you will be forced to spend long hours with the hair extensions, it is critical that they are comfortable for you and do not interfere during the canopy and the subsequent slow motion. Ask to measure the extras long before the big day arrives and choose extras that will be comfortable and pleasant to the touch. Because you are under a lot of pressure anyway, you definitely don’t need anything else to bother you.

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