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medical wigs

"Our medical wigs are intended for people with sensitive scalp, suffering from hair thinning, hair loss, baldness, undergoing radiation treatment, alopecia areata, and burns. The medical wigs are customized by size and head shape, with a delicate and special net for maximum comfort. The wigs are airy, breathable, and especially lightweight, made of high-quality hair. They do not slip and adhere to the scalp with perfect fit and have a natural and designed look by a unique and exclusive technique."

What is special about wigs for cancer patients?

Cancer wigs are medical wigs made from a delicate and lightweight mesh that is very airy and easy to wear. They are made from natural hair, giving you a natural, authentic, comfortable, and aesthetic appearance. This allows you to go about your daily life with freedom and confidence, looking and feeling good. You can easily manage and style them on your own. We assist customers suffering from hair loss (alopecia), hair thinning (trichotillomania), burns, and customers undergoing chemotherapy, which can cause hair loss. We provide comprehensive, thorough, and professional solutions, and we will be happy to provide you with personal advice and customized medical wigs. All of this is done with maximum discretion and sensitivity throughout the entire process.

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Discounts of up to 85% Discount according to your arrangement

We provide services to all health funds and offer home delivery to the customer or the hospital.

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