How to maintain your wig

How to maintain your wig

A wig is one of those products that you should really take good care of. First, it is a not cheap item, and if we have already invested a considerable amount of money in its purchase, it should serve us for a long time, and secondly, and even more importantly, the wig becomes an inseparable part of us and who we are, and as we tend to take care of ourselves, so it is appropriate to take care of the wig.

Daily maintenance

The basis for keeping the wig for a long time is daily brushing (when the wig is not on the head). In particular, the formation of knots at the nape of the neck and at the top of the wig must be avoided. If the wig has a wavy structure, combing is done with fingers and light movements and not with a brush. You can use silicone spray, but make sure it’s a hair product that fits your wig type.


As “normal” hair is washed, wigs should also be washed – but naturally the frequency is much lower. Wigs that are worn regularly should be washed once a month, and if it is clean and comfortable, it is also possible less often. When the wig is worn only on special occasions and on Saturdays and holidays, one overlap every two months is sufficient. In any case, for the purpose of overlapping, you must choose hair products suitable for the type of wig, i.e. both quality shampoo and conditioner. After using the conditioner, you should gently brush the wig and then leave it with the material for about fifteen minutes. After that, wash it well, wring it out and let it dry naturally on a towel. Once every few months you can also use a moisturizing mask, and of course it should also be of good quality and suitable for the type of wig.

proper storage

When the wig is not on the head, it must be worn on a dedicated Styrofoam head and fixed with a special pin, so that its exact structure is preserved. Care must be taken to stick the pin inside the mesh, in the back or in the ear area, and under no circumstances do this in the skin area as it is delicate and may be damaged. During travels, the wig can be placed in a plastic bag, rolled gently and stored in a suitcase – but only if the design of the wig is not delicate and may be damaged.

Using a wig outside

During the normal routine it is quite easy to follow all the above rules and maintain the wig. Even when you go out of your routine for a vacation or even a trip in difficult field conditions, it is advisable to pay attention to the wig as well – at the end of the day, for example, you can roll the wig with several rollers and leave it like that overnight. Before putting the wig back on the head, shake it, bounce the hair and arrange it with silicone (which should always be on hand when you go on vacation).

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