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With 30 years of experience in the field of hair and wigs, medical wigs and hair extensions, handmade and custom made. Our team is one of the best professionals in the field, the hair is fine and the work is precise and perfect.


The hair is usually sewn back by braids (rows of hair interwoven with a sewing machine/handwork) and is intended for dressing with a ribbon in the front part that hides the sewing in the frame of the wig and reveals the front part of the face.


A wig with a thin and delicate mesh whose hairs are woven by hand, a fabric that simulates the appearance of a scalp


Wigs in production and customization for the customer and exactly to his measurements according to his order, color, type, texture,
Design and style


Wigs in production and customization for the customer and exactly to his measurements according to his order color, type, texture, design and style


An easy, simple and perfect solution for thinning hair, baldness, hair thickening for the appearance of healthy, optimal and full hair


A delicate, light, airy and breathable mesh wig made from natural hair that is customized for those suffering from a disease that damages the hair root

Our Goal


We manufacture and design wigs and hair extensions and sell raw hair, from our service: repairing and upgrading wigs, laces, toupees, skins, adding hair and custom design according to the customer’s needs. Ordering a wig and extension in any length, style and color.

What we Do

premium services

We provide the full range of hairdressing services specializing in wigs

care and nurturing

Designs, haircuts, color, shades, straightening, curling, overlapping, face, and treatments under one roof by our team of professionals

Wig renewal

Skin replacement, skin filling, lace, moon lace, top lace, sewing, handwork, mesh replacement, filling, color, designs and laces


Wigs in production and customization according to color, type, texture, design and style for maximum comfort, a wonderful look and security


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